The Deal-i-o

Hi, I'm Raven!

I'm married to my wonderful husband, PC. Together we have three beautiful fur babies - Chops, The Fuzz and Mr. Snugglesworth (Snuggi). Chops believes the entire world revolves around the food items she puts in her stomach, and the non food items she puts in her stomach. The Fuzz is a walking Q-tip who loves snuggles and long walks on the beach. Mr. Snugglesworth (or Snuggi) is a grumpy feline who doesn't enjoy the presence of...well...anyone else.

I am infertile and addicted to trashy T.L.C specials. PC is addicted to Timmies coffee and breakfast burritos. Together we're hoping to buy the old family farm we live in, and perhaps add a two footed baby or two to our mix. We're working on being healthier (kicking the $#!% out of our extra poundage), financially free, and developing the most awesome collection of 90's family comedy flicks out there.

Oh, and occasionally we work too.

Welcome to my blog!

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