Weightloss Goals/Tracker

February 16th: -3.4 lbs = Total Loss: 21.6 lbs I'm Committed!
February 9th:  -1.2 lbs = Total Loss: 18.2 lbs I'm Committed!
February 2nd: -3.1 lbs = Total Loss: 17 lbs I'm Committed!
January 2014: -6.2 lbs = Total Loss: 13.9 lbs Not bad, but I know I can do better.
December 2013:  0.9 lbs = Total Loss: 7.7 lbs Christmas happened.
November 2013: -2.4 lbs = Total Loss: 6.8 lbs Kind of committed.
October 2013: -4.4 lbs = Total Loss: 4.4 lbs Kind of committed.

Weight Goals:
  • Lose 25 pounds -> Get my hair cut and dyed.
  • Lose 50 pounds -> Buy a new swim suit and go to the beach or swimming pool (if during winter).
  • Lose 75 pounds -> Go rent a cabin by the beach for a weekend.
  • Lose 100 pounds -> Go on a real Vacation!

Healthy Me (non # related) Goals:
  • 16 - 20 workouts in one month -> Find an inexpensive (used) treadmill to have at home.
  • Fit into regular size pants -> Buy two new pairs.
  • Completely kick Soda -> Board the pups and go for a fun day/night trip with PC.
  • Cook and eat a new vegetarian meal every week for a month -> Go for a pedicure.
  • Take vitamins every day for one full month (no misses) -> Have a drive-in movie date with PC.
  • Get under 200 lbs -> Go to Vegas for a weekend!
  • Eat well enough that my heartburn goes away -> Go hiking with the family!
  • Lose enough weight to feel comfortable on horse back -> Go horseback riding.
  • Eliminate most sugar from diet and substitute with raw -> Buy a good pair of running shoes and start training for 5K.
  • Run a 5K -> Buy a new bathing suit.
  • Eat at home every day for a week -> Movie Date with my hunny!
  • Eat at home every day for a month -> Buy a new piece of cookware/bakeware.
  • Be comfortable with my upper arms -> Find a sleeveless summer dress I love, and wear it.
  • Fit comfortably in airplane seats -> Go on a trip somewhere!
  • Fit comfortably in jeans -> Buy a new pair!

Goals Completed:

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