Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekly Recap #1

I wasn't that great with my eating this week. I managed to refrain from junk food but I wasn't as consistent about eating regular meals. I know I need to improve, and I'm working on that.

Last Week:
  1. Pounds Lost/Gained: -3.4 lbs
  2. Total Pounds Lost: 21 lbs
  3. Water: Most days I got between 5 and 8 glasses a day.
  4. Vitamins: Didn't remember once this week....
  5. Fruits & Veggies: I got more this week than normal, but not nearly enough. Should be consuming 7 servings/day. 
  6. Protein: Averaged about 4 servings per day, rather than the 7 it should be.
  7. Soda: I only drank 5 cans this week. Normally I'd drink around 15-20 cans a week (I KNOW! AWFUL!).

Next Week Goal:
  1. Vitamins EVERY DAY
  2. 5 Servings of fruit/veg 5 out 7 days this week
  3. 5 glasses of water EVERY DAY
Over all I feel pretty good about last week. It wasn't incredibly successful, but it did result in 3.4 lbs lost and that counts for something!

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